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Porcelain worktop from the firm Inalco

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Secondary kitchen project in a Sotogrande villa

Modern kitchen with parallel distribution, very functional and with a sober and elegant design at the same time.
The lacquered door model with metallic effect allows light to reflect on the surfaces to obtain a feeling of greater amplitude. The 12mm thick porcelain worktop has been chosen in a very neutral colour so as not to create big contrasts.
The needs in this kitchen were well defined, creating two differentiated blocks. An area of base and wall units with a worktop where the large cooking area and the water area are located. In the water zone, there is an integrated ice maker and a water filtering system with the option of supplying chilled/gasified water.
On the other side, the column area integrates large-capacity electrical appliances as well as multiple storage solutions, thus obtaining a fully functional kitchen.

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