Spacious drawers

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finished in a wide variety of shades

of matt lacquer shades

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A modern and universal kitchen

Frame perfectly balances classic and modern style. It is a timeless kitchen that combines elements of the past, such as the framed door, and elements of the future, such as the delicacy of the lines, in an universal space. In the updating process, the finishes make a difference with the combination of neutral tones in materials such as PET and Alkorcell. For the finishes, there is a wide variety of matte lacquered tones, from the most serene to the most colorful. For those who want a mix between traditional style and innovative and contemporary elements.

Practical materials finished in neutral shades can be the perfect match for your home. Learn all about Frame, Arredo3’s timeless style collection, and use the elements of this model to create your dream kitchen.

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