Spacious cabinets

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finished in a wide variety

of matt lacquer shades

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A versatile kitchen with personality

Frida by Arredo3 creates a versatile and functional environment yet modern and robust. Its transversal finishes give life to this kitchen, supported by concrete elements such as the metal supports for the shelves, the slats and the peninsula. This last ingredient allows to focus the room on a central point to generate movement and freshness around the kitchen. The doors have a solid frame and a design handle integrated into the panel.

This opening system allows the combination with all possible finishes, whether they are open pore lacquered or wood finishes. The different combinations invite you to create your own style while adapting to your needs perfectly.

For those who love freedom and simplicity with a handle built into the frame. Soak up this collection and learn all the details of Frida below.

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