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30º inclined

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ruff system and

a multitude of finishes

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Customizable avant-garde kitchen

The Kalì collection is Arredo3’s best-selling kitchen because it is almost completely customizable. The wide range of this model offers you avant-garde elements such as the 30º inclined handle, the handleless system and a multitude of finishes. You can choose from different finishes such as Pet and Fenix, functional and contemporary materials. There is also a variety of laminates to choose from.

Thanks to all this, this collection allows you to create the kitchen that best suits your needs and tastes. Our professional designers will make your dream come true with Kalì furniture, so unique in adapting and satisfying all your needs. This kitchen was designed for those who want an expressive, functional and versatile space. Find out how the Kalì kitchen can meet the most demanding requirements below.

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