handcrafted details that

create a homely atmosphere

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classic doors with smooth

cushioned panel 

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A contemporary and homey kitchen

This kitchen is characterized by its traditional style combined with the purest design. The classic doors are framed with a smooth cushioned panel available in different shades. You can choose between different colors, if you like the neutral style, we have more subtle and sensitive shades, or in glass, if you prefer, for the tall units and with showcase doors. The composition of the decorative ingredients manages to turn the space into a magical place, which is enhanced by the choice of wood. The handcrafted elements present throughout the room and their combination with the warm-toned finishes make this collection an expressive, personal and cozy kitchen. Virginia is one of the most traditional collections, designed for those who bet on a magical and poetic touch in their homes. We show you the different possible combinations of Virginia bellow. Get inspired and dream of your perfect kitchen.
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