Kitchen with island or peninsula: what to choose?

When building the kitchen of a house or reforming it, it is good to take into account which are the elements with which you can make the best use of the space. That is why you should know how a kitchen with island or peninsula works and what to choose for the organization of this important area of the home.

What is the difference between an island and a peninsula in the kitchen?

To start with this type of topic is essential to recognize what is the difference between an island and a peninsula. That way, you will be able to know how each of them works.

In terms of functionality, both elements fulfill the same aspects: they are work areas, allow the division of spaces and can be used for breakfast.

Therefore, the main differences between the two are directly related to the way they are distributed and the size they usually have. So, to better visualize their differences, we lend you this table:


Kitchen with islandKitchen with peninsula
The island is open on all four sidesThe peninsula is connected on one or more sides to the wall or countertops
Its height may be different from the height of the countertopsIt should be of the same height as the countertops to create continuity

Factors to take into account for the choice

Now, to know if the best for your kitchen is to opt for the models of kitchens with islands and stools or kitchens with peninsula and dining room, there are certain aspects that you should take into consideration.

Below, we will talk about the main factors that you need to take into account and that will allow you to make a decision with much more clarity and firmness.

Kitchen with peninsula

Space distribution in the kitchen

One of the most important aspects is the distribution of space in the kitchen. When choosing whether to have an island or a peninsula, you must take into account how far it will be placed from the other elements of the kitchen. Otherwise, you will have very little space available and it will be uncomfortable when cooking.

So, if you are going to place an important appliance, such as the stove, in this type of element, you should leave a distance of at least 1.20 meters to cook comfortably. While, with respect to the lateral distances, it is recommended that they are 80 cm and up.

Open or closed kitchen

Now, you will have to choose beforehand if you want an open or closed kitchen. In most cases, both islands and peninsulas look good in open kitchens. They can be used as dividing elements between the kitchen and the dining room, for example. This case is quite common in kitchens with peninsula open to the living room.

While, in closed kitchens, they can also be placed, but you should be much more aware of the measures to avoid running out of space to move comfortably.


Before starting with the construction of the island or peninsula, you must verify that you have a good source of lighting in the area where it will be placed. Failing that, try to buy a lamp that really fits the space. In addition, lighting is an element with which you can play and make the kitchen more energy efficient.

Remember that both the kitchen with a peninsula and the kitchen with an island will provide you with functionality. Therefore, to work well there you must have very good lighting.

Installation of water and electricity outlets

Last but not least, you should consider where the electricity and water outlets are located. Especially if you are going to place the sink, dishwasher or any appliance on the island or peninsula.

Taking this into consideration will allow you to better visualize the space and decide whether an island or a peninsula is better for you. If you want this to be taken into account correctly you can leave the work of design and order in the hands of Decodan. From our Contact section you can ask the right questions about our services.

Kitchen with island

Now, let’s talk in more depth about what a kitchen island is. It is a style of kitchen in which a structure is placed in the center. Hence it is known by the name of island, because thanks to the way in which it is located simulates one.

The idea of this type of kitchen is that it allows you to have a central space where you can cook, wash, chop food, have breakfast, etc. You know what the best thing about it is? You will be able to access it from any of its sides. In addition, you will generate an enlargement effect with the space you have available.

In order for you to consider whether it is convenient to have an island in your kitchen, you should read the advantages and disadvantages that we will mention below:


  • They make your kitchen look much more modern.
  • It allows you to create a much more functional and comfortable distribution.
  • You will have an extra space for both cooking and eating
  • All kinds of appliances can be placed in it.


  • You need a lot of space for a comfortable installation
  • Its installation usually requires a lot of time

Kitchen with island or peninsula

Kitchen with peninsula

Since we have reviewed the islands, it is time to talk more in depth about what is the peninsula in a kitchen. It is an element that is usually placed as a peninsula, hence its name. In most cases peninsulas are usually built in a U or L shape depending on the space available.

Just like kitchens with islands, a full kitchen with a peninsula allows you to work on its surfaces and place everything from stoves and sinks to the appliances you use the most.

With this in mind, it is time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the best kitchens with peninsula that you can place in your home.


  • Can be used as an eating or working space
  • They are easy to adapt to kitchens with a smaller size
  • All kinds of appliances can be placed in it
  • Will give your kitchen a modern look


  • Very long peninsulas can be uncomfortable to cook with
  • Does not create a spacious effect in the kitchen

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