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The warmest and most functional space in your home

The style of the Wega kitchen by Arredo3 is based on its simple and functional lines. The doors are handleless to give a cleaner look to this frequently used area of the house. The combination of lines blends with the simplicity of the doors, turning the room into a space adapted to the functionalities of the kitchen and the warm atmosphere of a living room. We have a wide range of finishes to choose from, according to your tastes and preferences. Customize your kitchen with lacquered or glossy touches and even laminate, open pore lacquer or veneer finishes.

Your kitchen should reflect your personality. The Wega kitchen will suit you if you have a modern and conventional taste. This style perfectly combines the versatility of the kitchen and the dining room. The pleasingly sleek horizontal lines are the result of the handle-less doors. This is the complete Arredo3 experience.

The Wega kitchen comes in a variety of colors. You can choose brighter or more intense tones, from the most striking veining to the most homogeneous finishes. The Wega experience becomes a personal space, allowing you to experience the kitchen as a homey and welcoming place. We show you some possible combinations of this kitchen below.

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